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Chris_ShawlerCar Particle Spam
nigga1020ban evading - oatotml
Minmin_Mauteairbreak - rapid.cs
ZyWoOWeapon Hacks
Mr.YasuoNo-reload/Frozen Ammo
zhikillo123Money Hacks
Wewew_OssasNo-reload/Frozen Ammo
Joseph_LaraNo-reload/Frozen Ammo
HarryP223No-reload/Frozen Ammo
putin_vladimirWeapon Hacks
vinccet_babatioMoney Hacks
Shera_MansonnMoney Hacks
king_kugerNo-reload/Frozen Ammo
Agustin_GallegosNo-reload/Frozen Ammo

Gamemode Updates
xx LSGW Update Version 4.1
June 04, 2017, 11:55:32 pm by Jeffy892
LSGW Version 4.1 Update
- Major Code Optimizations
- Gang System Improvements
- Headquarter System has been added!
- Removed /lvhq, /jefferson, /dv, /rc teleport areas
- Added new Dynamic Arena System
   • /arenas lists the loaded arenas, their weapons, and if they are locked or not.
   • /arena to go to a specific arena
   • /aleave to leave a arena
- Renamed /blockpm and /unblockpm to /blockplayer and /unblockplayer
- Added new commands /blockdplayer and /unblockdplayer. Blocking a specific player to send duels to you.
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xx LSGW Gamemode v4.0 patch 1
May 15, 2017, 02:10:18 am by Jeffy892
Code: [Select]
- Fixed Major issue where new Players cant register.
- Added /gcmd for the Custom Gangs
- Minor Custom Gang Bug Fixes.
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xx LSGW Update Version 4.0
May 11, 2017, 08:12:38 am by Jeffy892

LSGW Version 4.0 Update

  • Gamemode is now using BlueG's MySQL version r41-2
  • Gang System (It is Back!)
  • Minor bug Fixes

Gang System:
- Gang System will start fresh. (No old custom gangs will be refunded.)
- Gang system has been modified, custom gangs will no longer have their own custom skins. This is added to avoid getting advantage of players having free custom skins (which is not fair for the VIPS).
- THe current version of the Gang System is not fully finished, we will be adding more features into it.
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