Los Santos Gang Wars

A new version is currently in the works, stay tuned in our Discord channel for progress and more updates!

As we announced last month on our channel on Discord app, LS-GW will remain offline until the new version is 100% finished, this is why it's not online The community is not dead! When will the new version finish? Until this moment we don't have an initial estimate on how long it'll take for the new release to finish, so stay tuned. There's a list of things you should be aware of that is most likely going to take place when the server returns : -VIP packages would become subscription based; monthly you pay a fixed amount to keep your VIP level. A permanent package would be available but it'll cost more. -C-bug fate is still undetermined in the server. -All accounts will be lost, Score, Money, Kills, Deaths, and Playing time will be reset including gangs, and VIP members will keep their VIP levels that they've bought in the previous version. -All bans will be removed, you can think of this as a second chance. Regards, LSGW Staff.